Save Our Seas (S.O.S). Or planet Earth is S.O.L.


You’re familiar with the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, right? 

It’s estimated to be at least the size of Texas, great-pacific-garbage-patchand perhaps twice the size of the continental United States. It’s the biggest, but not the only bad spot out there. There are lots of them. The seas are getting sicker and sicker. And so too the animals and plants depending on the sea.


There’s lots of things you can do to help. Using

Back in my ad agency days, I supported the launch of the “highly intelligent and friendly” Dolphin office chair by tying in with the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Florida.

less plastic and disposing of it carefully is an easy thing. Picking up trash during walks along the shore is another. But these are just drops in an ocean of need.


Become familiar with the growing number of large scale efforts backed by thoughtful, dedicated organizations. They need your help –your pressure on lawmakers, your time and perhaps your dollars too.


When you see a fish, imagine what all it needs to cropped-cropped-fish-banner.jpgsurvive: the right temperature, the right amount of oxygen, the right amount of the right things in the food chain.  It’s such a delicate balance. And, remember, you –we– are the fulcrum on which it teeters.


cousteau-on-wonderHere’s some links to get going with:


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